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RZD Coaching has brought together some of the country’s best leaders, thinkers, upcoming entrepreneurs, and trends – all beautifully illustrated in our monthly business magazine publication – BIZ Discussions.

The objective of BIZ Discussions is to help your business level up through useful insights, tips, and motivational stories – all told true by South African leaders.

Zoh P Mashabane

Past Issues

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June 2022

Growth is an important measure in small businesses. Growth in networks, growth in new products and growth in new locations. The theme for June is growth, a growing business is a stable business and a sustainable business. Do not be afraid of taking the next step and allowing growth to occur in your business. Through demand from the clients, you can take a proactive and calculated initiative and develop a new added service or product. Read about it with Dr Mncube expanding her practice and launching her own range of products. The growth of ISSA Cash loans opening a new branch as well as the expansion and reach of the Breakfast Business Club.

August 2022

Womens month in South Africa is an iconic month, a month where women in all their diversities are celebrated. Yes, women ought to be celebrated every month and they are, mostly. However, August is a month that commemorates 1956’s revolt by women, for women. Women on that day united against an oppressive system. It has earned the slogan, “wathinta umfazi, wathinta imbokodo”! Well, for 2022 we say women are human beings and not rocks. They do not deserve pain and should be treated delicately.

Special Issue

Why build networks? Networks are the best asset a business can have. Through attending networking functions and attending expos you have greater potential to find a new client, customer, or partner. When the network grows, your wisdom grows, and the reach of your business also expands. Business is very tough, so being plugged into a business network assists in also sharing experiences and advice. Yes, you have final say on your business, but your way of thinking is automatically elevated through networking.

May 2022

BIZ Discussions Magazine is a silver sponsor for the 2022 Mrs South Africa beauty pageant. With Lindie Mthethwa being our chosen candidate we hope to shine the KZN emblem high. With self-development, community development and empowerment in mind we hope to gain networks and strategic partnerships. In business or brand building it is key to have a vision and a game plan. This month’s issue showcases various businesses fitting into the supply chain at various entry points. Business building involves a strong ground a vision and thriving outside of the comfort zone.

Featured Leaders

Sabelo’s life has been nothing short of being the rising phoenix. Through many failures, hiccups and redirections.
“I have always been an extroverted personality and my stock would continuously be sold out. The reason for my resilience is because I wanted to be independent from a young age” he explains, “my environment was not perfect and I wanted to be free from it. I grew up in a home where there was no warmth and was dysfunctional. I was never told that I had the potential to be anything. Often I was called ‘slima’ and ‘Skhotheni’ growing up”.
Sabelo’s work ethic and grit have constantly brought him back to the top. He is the owner and founder of Capital Lifestyle Lounge, Imvuselelo cash loans and many more businesses.
Ntsindie Nzimande is the embodiment of class, work ethic and faith. From a young age, she discovered that her hands were skilled in different ways, from hair to make up and soon became a specialist in bridal styling.
Working in a salon while in high school, this continued to provide for her even while studying for her social work degree.
So when she didn’t immediately get employment, she was able to teach herself makeup, nails and bridal styling. That is how Beauty by Ntsindie Nzimande began and continues to thrive.
Mbali Bengu tells us about how she got bitten by the agriculture bug at a young age and has been committed to the sector ever since. Mbali was exposed to the field of food agriculture from a young age (16), while volunteering for bigger farmers in the area.
Although there was no remuneration, they often got fresh produce to take home. It was at this point that she got the inspiration and admiration for the field. She recognised the business opportunity and the potential for herself to take it forward.
“I stopped doing it for fun, let me study all of the aspects and treat it as a professional skill.” She thought to herself. Although daunting, considering that there was large investment required and equipment. She did not lose faith.

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